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  Selected Publications

      Air Pollution: Building on the Sucesses [link]
       NYU Environmental Law Journal 17(1) (2008): 284-324

      Air Quality in America: A Dose of Reality on Air Pollution Levels,
      Trends, and Health Risks [link]
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      Clearing the Air [link]
       PERC Reports, Spring 2008

      Urban Air Pollution Progress Despite Sprawl: The Greening of
       the Vehicle Fleet [link]
       Journal of Urban Economics 63 (2008): 775-87

      Blue Skies, High Anxiety [link]
       The American, May/June 2007

      Does the Clean Air Act Require EPA to Regulate
       Greenhouse Gases? [link]
       Amicus Brief in Massachusetts v. EPA, October 24, 2006

     Air Pollution and Health: Do Popular Portrayals Reflect the
       Scientific Evidence [link]
       AEI Environmental Policy Outlook, May 2006

     Assessing California vs. Federal Automobile Emissions Standards
       for Pennsylvania [link]
       American Enterprise Institute, February 8, 2006

     The Social Benefits and Costs of the Automobile [link]
       in 21st Century Highways, Heritage 2005

     Rethinking the California Air Resources Board's
       Ozone Standards [link]
       American Enterprise Institute, September 12, 2005

     Air Quality: Much Worse on Paper than in Reality [link]
       AEI Environmental Policy Outlook, May-June 2005

     A Regulatory Analysis of EPA's Proposed Rule to Reduce Mercury
       Emissions from Utility Boilers
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     Finding Better Ways to Achieve Cleaner Air [link]
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     Book Review: "The Half-Life of Policy Rationales: How New
       Technology Affects Old Policy Issues" [link]

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     Public Interest Comment on EPA's Proposed Nonroad Engine and
       Fuel Standards Rule [link]

       Mercatus Center, George Mason University, August 20, 2003

     Public Interest Comment on EPA's Proposed Rule to Implement
       the 8-hour Ozone Standard [link]

       Mercatus Center, George Mason University, August 1, 2003

     Clearing the Air [link]
       Regulation 26(2) (2003): 22-29

     No Way Back: Why Air Pollution will Continue to Decline [link]
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     Comments on the California Energy Commission Report
      "Reducing California's Petroleum Dependence" [link]

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     Hormonally Active Chemicals in the Environment [link]
       Reason Foundation, April 2002

     Vehicle Emissions Inspection Programs: A Look at Where
      We've Been and Where We're Going [link]

       Presentation to the National Research Council, Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance
       Policy Panel, February 15, 2000

     Improving Evaluation of Mobile Source Emissions Policies
(paper [link]; powerpoint [link])
       Presentation to the National Research Council, Mobile Source Emissions Modeling
       Panel, March 4, 1999

     Remote Sensing of Vehicle Emissions: State of the Technology,
      Potential Applications, Costs and Recommendations [link]

       California Inspection & Maintenance Review Committee, September 9, 1998

     An Analysis of the U.S. EPA's 50-percent Discount for
      Decentralized Vehicle Emissions Inspection Programs
       California Inspection & Maintenance Review Committee, March 23, 1995